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Thank you for watching
our version of Cancion Sin Miedo


The recording of this mexican song is part of a larger project named « Ceci N’est pas un Barbecue » .


This project was created to support a local organization that helps female victims of violence, and also to promote the presence of women on stage.


On March 8th, 8pm GMT+1, in Tours, France, 11 women (musicians, sound and light engineers) will perform a concert, hosted and financed by the local jazz club « Le Petit Faucheux ».

It will be live streamed on Radio Béton :


To support La Maison des Femmes (House of Women, that helps female victims of violence), you can donate here:


Or feel free to help an organization in your vicinity, with the same aim. We will be as thrilled.


Thank you, and please, share as much a possible the video.


Please note that the 5 musicians, the 2 lead singers, the 48 members of the choir, the choir director and the video and sound engineers worked on this project as volunteers.

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